Hi, my name is Karen and I am an amateur “genealogist” looking to relive my family history. It all started a few years ago with my mother and I wanting to write down the current living family members information. My mother has 10 brothers and sisters (only 2 sisters still living) and my daddy has 12 brothers and sisters (only 3 sisters are still living). From that, I jumped into ancestry.com and started trying to trace back the line. As I’m sure a lot of people have done, I didn’t pay close attention to a lot of details, didn’t research the lines, and didn’t read the instruction manual. Ahem.

When I realized what I had done, I downloaded Family Tree Maker and I’m trying to do it right this time. I love trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together, but I’m frustrated by a lot of the missing pieces. There are so many places on the internet to search, and other people are attaching information that is wrong (doing exactly what I was doing). So, I finally have a plan and I think I have better idea of what I’m doing.

On this blog, I will post my family stories as I find them. Some may be dry as a bone with facts and information, but hopefully, I will be able to post some stories that are more interesting.

If you have any questions, or have information to share, contact me by clicking here.

I will be happy to answer any questions, or share information I have found.

Happy ancestry hunting, see you around!


P.S.  Here is a list of the surnames I am researching.

Ivey – VA (Surry), GA (Warren, Greene, Baldwin)

Greene – GA

Smith – GA

Towns – VA, GA (Telfair)

Walker – GA (Telfair)

Spires – GA (Telfair)

Pitts – GA (Telfair)

Herndon – GA

Ogletree – GA

Moon – GA