It all started with realizing that my cousins and I were the head of the family now.  Our grandparents are gone, and our parents and aunts and uncles were slowly dwindling away.  Then, I realized, I really had no idea who my ancestors were.  I have only a few memories of my paternal grandfather, he was very sick when I was little.  I remember spending a lot of time with my paternal grandmother, but I never thought to ask her questions about her life growing up, or about her family.  It never occurred to me that she had parents and siblings.  What a concept!

My mother and I started writing down living family information.  My father, Joseph Ivey, died back in 1998.  He had 12 brothers and sisters, only 3 sisters are still living.  My mother’s maiden name is Towns.  She had 10 brothers and sisters, and she only has 2 sisters still living.  If we want to start recording our ancestry information, I better start it now before time runs out on being able to ask the “older” generation any questions.

I have been working on our family history for a little over a year now.  I finally have a plan in place on how to do the research, how I’m recording it, and creating note “files” on family members that are dead ends.  Part of this blog will be to post those “unsolved mysteries”, those “bricks” that go nowhere in our family line in the hopes of connecting with someone else looking for the same information.

I do have several other family members that have laid the foundation for the most recent ancestors (like our great-grandparents) and I have some family members that are concentrating on recording the current family and keeping up with all those cousins.  I want to dig a little deeper, find where it all ends up.  I have to say that so far, I have found some very interesting information, including links to my husband’s family tree.  WHAT?  Yes, that was a shocker, even after the joke by my husband that I’ll probably find out we are long lost cousins.  Who knew?

So now, it’s all about Family….  Finding the Bricks in My History.  Discovery.  Exploring.  Legacy.